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Staying in the moment

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, could you possibly be here, wherever you are? That means embracing the fullness of each moment, minute by minute, second by second. Even if we get wrapped up and wrapped around our anxiety, we can pause for a moment and try to find our ground in that moment.

Life is a series of moments. Don’t become overwhelmed by looking at the future. Take a deep breathe and feel the moment that you are in. 😊


Stay Positive and Stay Healthy

Finally Found A New Therapist 

My next appointment is on February 1.

Ready to embark on a new therapy journey,

“Facing uncomfortable feelings is so hard that no one does it for pleasure. The readiness to undergo the kind of journey we are discussing comes from awareness that we are imprisoned as well as hope that there might be a way out. Such motivation is precious. It can lead to acts of great courage and unimagined improvement in life.”