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More of God. M.O.G. That’s what people want—whether they know it or not. Because it’s what we all need. Do you feel that hunger too? If you do, that’s a good thing. That hunger is the starting place of being filled with God’s presence. But you don’t have to look for God on your own—wandering around aimlessly, frustrated and feeling like a failure. Instead, you can take your first step on a proven path to meeting God and knowing him better and better. Let me warn you, however, this path isn’t an easy one. But, if you’re willing to take this journey with Jesus as both your companion and your destination, you will experience God’s power in ways you didn’t even know were possible! ⭐️🙏❤️

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Helping Others

“Your faith has brought you back to God; but our walk is not yet completed. Go on God’s way and watch for the circumstances He places before you where your brother lay troubled or in need of something He wants YOU to provide. You will be led by the Spirit and empowered by God to bless those whom He sent you to serve. He will give you the words to comfort, the resources to help, and the strength and supernatural ability to succeed in whatever He calls you to do. Yes, you are just one person; but you are in God’s perfect place in His perfect timing and you may not get a second chance to help and ‘regret’ when you avert your eyes and keep on walking. The Spirit brings joy in obedience and convicts when you disobey. Loving kindness and service to your brother is like a snapshot in time. Like pictures on your refrigerator, just another photo to most; but precious to our Father in heaven.” ~Cynthia V Hance

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Book Recommendation (ADHD)


I totally recommend this book.  It has a lot of positive powerful insight into your wonderful ADHD mind. It is proven that ADHD people are VERY smart and you shouldn’t ever let a diagnosis make you feel small. You have to find your strengths, hold on tight, and continue to build on them and you will do amazing things in your life.